Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★

Reviewed on Cinema Eclectica.

Hey! I enjoyed a Star War!

Not hard to see why this hasn't delighted Star Wars fans. I thought it was quite refreshing to see a movie set into this universe that lacked the usual Manichean, quasi-mystical, dynastic-saga elements, but it would be reasonable to assume passionate followers of this franchise quite enjoy those bits, and would miss them when they're gone. Either way, this tale of collaboration and corruption is probably the closest we'll get to Jean-Pierre Melville's Star Wars, and I am reasonably happy with that. It's a mess, of course - there are still stray Lord and Miller gags left in there, the love story doesn't work, and Bradford Young's cinematography is straining desperately to give a unifying tone. But it's fun, and mostly well-cast.

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