The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

Reviewed on Cinema Eclectica.

It's going to take a repeat viewing before I can work out whether this is 'merely' an incredibly funny, entertaining night out that twice made me laugh so much I startled myself. There's something endearing about the way Black meshes his eras here, though: injecting the dark, paranoid detective films of the post-Watergate era with a dose of Black's trademark '80s action-comedy brio, and allowing the 1970s pessimism and seediness to take the edge off the jingo and machismo of the Reagan-era action film. And, like any good buddy movie, the schism is represented through the central pairing, with Russell Crowe's strangely dignified thug bouncing perfectly off the wilder, looser, almost Stan Laurel-ish Ryan Gosling. A real treat.

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