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Gedeon Maheux

Co-founder of the Iconfactory, RIT alum, artist, geek, cancer survivor and all-around everyman. Also, I LOVE movies!

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  • The Black Hole

    The Black Hole


    One of my favorite films from my childhood. Although it's ripe with scientific and technical flaws, it never-the-less captured my imagination as a child and lays the ground for a fun mystery/action adventure. Basically a "haunted house" movie set in space, The Black Hole manages to deliver an eerie yet fun adventure while giving us two of the screens most memorable robot characters, V.I.N.Cent and Maximilian. Check it out.

  • Star Trek

    Star Trek


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    As a die-hard Trekker I'm biased towards old school, so I admit that up front. That said there's a great deal to like here including the lead actor's portrayals of Kirk, Spock & McCoy. Karl Urban's McCoy is clearly the best and overall its a great film with lots of adventure and wonderful pacing.

    Things that let me down:
    • Scotty in water tubes
    • Bazillion lens flares
    • Enterprise being built on Earth not in space (AND IN IOWA)

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  • Tangled



    Simply one of the best Disney films in ages. Wonderful characters, beautiful art direction and a smart, well-written heroine. Feels like a PIXAR flick even though it's not. BONUS: Pascal the chameleon is the best sidekick since Mermaid's Sebastian. Wonderful, moving comedy/adventure.

  • The Matrix

    The Matrix


    The defining sci-fi, action flick of my generation it oozes style and intelligent writing. Hard to disagree it was the pattern for similar films that followed it, plus so many great lines. "I know Kung Fu."