Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

fuck, i have no idea why i put off watching this for so long. i guess i wanted to be in the exact right mood for it, but now i'm just annoyed at myself for not bringing this film into my life earlier.

i'm in absolute awe of riz ahmed. i really love watching performances where you can tell that the actor has invested so much of their mental and emotional energy (and time, in riz's case especially) into not simply "acting," but completely living inside of a role, existing in the mind and body of a totally new person. the performer doesn't need to be method acting or anything; as a viewer, i want to look at a character and understand them on a visceral level without even knowing their full story. that's what i experienced here not only with riz ahmed but also with paul raci. ah! beautiful work all around and i'm looking forward to rewatching and considering bumping this up to 5 stars!

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