Take Me Out

Take Me Out

Soft sounds 
A blue, blue night.
I am trapped in a cage made of mirrors.

Fritz... man, you have something truly special. You have a voice that echoes through images, movement, and sound. Take Me Out is a beautiful outcry of pain and suffering. 

A bird cries out a song as rubble falls from its stone wings.

For the first 5 minutes not a word is said. However we learn so much about Bruce in just this span of time.

Brian Collins lives in Bruce’s shell; when you watch a film, you can tell when an actor cares just as much about the vision as the director (and I felt that with Collins in Take Me Out). 

There’s a lot I want to say about Take Me Out that I don’t think I have the capability to put into words right now, after all, I have only seen the film once. Like most things in life, It does not come without its flaws- however rather minuscule, it feels like the filmmaker took responsibility in showing the truth as he has seen it, felt it , and lived in it. And I’d rather watch a truthful film where I might disagree with some of the choices of editing and inserts of exposition over a technically safe film that lack’s truth. ‘Take Me Out’ is an intrinsic and inseparable piece by Fritz Frauendorf.

A cage made of mirrors. 

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