Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★½

For some unknown reason, I had little to no anticipation towards this film. The first trailer had my attention, but soon after just...fizzled out. So I put it off. Couldn't see it in theaters (although now I deeply regret that), and never thought much about it until today, when I finally watched it with my family after a long week of online class/midterm testing.

Contrary to my presumptions, Knives Out put all my doubts to shame. Rian Johnson welcomes us on an exhilarating carousel of tables: abruptly turning, shifting, disobeying common tropes of "the ride"—all powered by the mind of Johnson himself. By staying multiple steps ahead of the audience throughout, our theories and thoughts are his to manipulate; and he twistedly does so, allowing you to feel smarter than the film and later on casually debunking your self-satisfaction. All of this, accompanied by an equally (well, maybe not equally) imposing commentary on current social structure/class. One can quickly assume that Knives Out is the product of hours upon hours of classic crime television/film, and of course, recent Twitter.

Amusing and scrupulous (perhaps inordinately so), Knives Out makes for a welcome portion of the treasure that was 2019. Sincerely hoping that 2020 blows me away before it wipes us all out.

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