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  • Supersonic



    I've always seen Oasis as an annoying comedy duo rather than a serious band. As a manc myself, its possibly sacrilege but i always preferred Blur. And Suede. And The Bluetones. And most other british acts from that time.

    Oasis were not the greatest band in the world.

    But they were committed to causing some kind of cultural havoc and they did i suppose, for a couple of years before Be Here Now sank them and killed a treasured era.

    I appreciate them more as entertaining museum pieces. So does this film.

  • The Day the Earth Caught Fire

    The Day the Earth Caught Fire


    Like Fincher's Zodiac? Give this a whirl.

    It's not as ruthlessly terrific, but like Fincher's backroom of a newspaper approach to the serial killer film, The Day the Earth Caught Fire does similar, but with the familiar disaster movie genre.

    The plot could be the follow up to 1951's The Day the Earth Stood Still but whereas that was about the warning - this is about the event; when mankind finally pushes it too far - resulting in dual nuclear…

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  • Whiplash



    Whiplash is about a drummer (I’m a drummer) who joins an ensemble (I joined an ensemble) so when I first read about the film, it had me at ‘drummer joins ensemble’. Luckily (or unluckily) that’s where the similarities end. Whereas my band-leader uses words like ‘Good Job’, J.K. Simmons character believes no two words are more harmful.

    It’s tough being a drummer in an ensemble (boo hoo Graham) but the film goes someway to explaining why. You are essentially the…

  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    In the great film family tree, Jonathan Glazer's Under the Skin could be the troublesome, wayward daughter of 1977's Eraserhead. Now being 37 years old, its latest spawn is currently making audiences across the UK extremely uncomfortable

    Let me not undersell the term 'uncomfortable'. In a room of 20-25 people, at least 8 just got up and left, and at various stages in its running time.

    The first hour is utterly hypnotic, dangerous even. Aurally, and this is where the…