Alien Resurrection ★★½

....and it's all over.

We're a long way away from Ridley Scott's Alien (about 257 years or so) but with Fincher's empty Alien 3 diverting the franchise into existential gothic horror, at least Alien: Resurrection tries to have some fun.

It looks like an early outline for writer Joss Whedons own Firefly series, with a story in which he pits a roguish band of space pirates against our favourite face-fucking xenomorphs.

It's a little daft (Dan Hedaya stand up) and awkwardly macho (Big Ron P you're up) but there are some action sequences here - that in no way rival the punk rockness of Cameron's Aliens - but that do excite and raise the hearts BPM.

Sigourney Weaver often feels like a supporting character in her own damn story but Alien: Resurrection isn't a bad film, it's just not a very good one.

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