Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★

Watched as part of Grimmfests Carpenter Season

I didn't write a review following the screening simply because I didn't know what to say. I still don't actually.

I SHOULD! love everything about this movie. It's got Kurt, Ernest, Van Cleef, Atkins and synths. Lot of synths!

But even on previous watches, my love for it only extends to about 3 quarters of the way. I'm with it when Snake glides into the New York Penitentiary and still when he's escaping the Crazies through the derelict buildings. It's around the time of Brain, the baseball bat scrap and the jump from 11 hours to 1 in no time at all, that my interest starts to wane. The action deviates from its plot and everything feels somewhat rushed. The climactic bridge chase and scrap is completely without thrills or excitement and as a character, Snake Plissken continues to underwhelm me. Sure his clothes are 80's rad but what else is there?

Still, despite what I consider flaws, there are elements that I find incredibly attractive. The sets and soundtrack are excellent (though more could have been made of the latter towards the end), and Carpenters old school visual craft remains pleasing to the eye.

I'll check in with it again in a few years time but I'm still frustrated that i don't love this more.

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