Interstellar ★★★★

If you were to ask me – ‘Would you rather watch Interstellar again on the big screen or watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind on DVD and for the 20th time?’

I’d answer Close Encounters without a seconds hesitation. A beautiful film. That’s not to say Interstellar isn’t good, but what I’m alluding to is the films longevity - of which I am curious about.

I could be proved wrong in time but I believe Interstellar will only truly live while on its cinematic release. I think it’ll be dead on DVD. It’s such a singularly unique experience on the big screen: the spectacle is huge, the soundtrack is brain thumpingly loud - the floor of the cinema shook hard and often when the volumes peaked. It was a relentless assault on the senses - but a pleasing one for sure.


Strip all that away, and what are you left with? Shyamalan’s Signs? Well it has that same twee family dynamic at its heart aswell as an occasional contrived sweetness. Cuaron’s Gravity? Once in space, it’s that same thin narrative dressed up / disguised with action set piece after action set piece after action set piece (though they are much more exciting here). It relys on the spectacle - which is incredible, but its wrapped up in a film that's fairly ordinary and not as interesting as you might think.

Take that away from the big loud screen and....well time will tell.

It shoots for the stars no doubt, and WILL provide a bone-shaking experience on the big screen, but its lack of any real, decently written characters and those sugary Earthbound scenes will diminish its gargantuan size.

5 stars for the experience, 3 stars for the film itself – I’ll give it a four to even things out.


Grumpy Graham.

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