Long Weekend

Long Weekend ★★★★★

A real 70's gem.

A couple who treat life and nature with as much apathy as they do each other, head out for a weekend away. While she wants a hotel and luxurious bottles of champagne, he wants the adventure of camping alongside wildlife by an apparently peaceful beach.

But nature has other ideas.....

No, this isn't The Happening but a seriously serious effort to make us all very scared indeed, first by getting them lost in the dark - then by introducing some horrific noises through the night.

The tension is ramped perfectly by its frightening sounds, barely lit skuttlings through the trees and that Dugong sub-plot is simply terrifying.

Thus, as our couple begin to fall further apart, as do our hopes that they'll ever make it out alive......

Long Weekend is an expertly crafted, minimilist adventure/horror yarn that deserves to be seen by many.

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