Paris, Texas ★★★★★

Watching Wim Wender's visual lullaby Paris, Texas for the first time, I was reminded how incredible it can be to enter a film knowing very little.

I've been aware of Paris, Texas since Primal Scream sampled a line of dialogue on a favourite song of mine, (I'm Coming Down' from '91's Screamadelica) and with its content, i'd only ever noted the film as being the definitive 'road movie'. That is all the information I carried in with me.

By the end credits I knew, felt even, that i'd just seen something very special. I'd been a passenger to Wim's driver for the duration (2 and half hours), clueless to where the film would go next but absolutely in love with where it ended up.

To say much more would dilute the experience, but I will say this. Harry Dean Stanton is incredible!, Aurore Clement is not. Hunter Carson as the films child and emotional centre, is stunningly good and among the best child performances i've seen. Kudos too for Dean Stockwell, Natassja Kinski and Ry Cooder's music which picks at your emotions throughout. In the end though, this is Wim Wender's movie.

Paris, Texas is beautiful and relaxing, capricious and attractive and it's going straight onto my '84 top 5.

A remarkable film.

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