Rocky II ★★★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Rocky Part 2 - A quick guide

*A long recap
*A long ambulance ride
*Wheelchair stoking
*His first autograph
*Splashing the cash / tiger print jacket /Mark Knopflers bandana
*Apollo 'hate mail' Creed
*Shitty commercials / job hunting
*Working with frozen cows
*Not working with frozen cows
*Skinny paulie's been on a crash diet since last movie
*Begging for fights
*Creeds Balboa baiting
*It's on motherfucker!!!!!!
*Chicken chasing
*Multiple face zooms
*Master Mickey and his red veiny face
*Tummy trouble / coma heartache
*Baby Balboa / reunited
*'WIN' (My pulse quickens a smidge)
*Training montage #1
*Running with the kids / steps / freezeframe
*'It's time kid'
*Apollo Creed Vs Rocky Balboa…..again!
*Protect that eye
*Slo-mo beatdown
*Round 15 - double fall & count
*Get up!! Get up!! Get the fuck uppppp!!!!!!
*Here comes the emotion!! Arghh tears again

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