The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★

179 minutes.

Films of this length should be reserved for stories of epic size, not ones that consist of boy meets money, boy spends money, boy spends more money. It's simply too long.

The films closest (debatable) Scorsese companion would be Goodfellas, where an ambitious young pup slips into a lifestyle so addictive that it could prove soul destroying to get out of. But with Goodfellas, people changed, aged and grew on screen. Motives shifted, plots were thickened and the occasional life was took.

Here, at least on first viewing, nothing for at least 140 minutes, changed even a little bit. Once the money rolls in it's a never-ending hyperactive, very shouty macho party.

It's also a narrative doozy.

Thank God though, for the film is in the capable hands of Martin Scorsese. Any other film-maker could have potentially bored the crap out of this material, but Scorsese resuscitates any tedium with his energetic camera and stylistic panache. He truly is a master of his craft.

Is it up there with his best work?, I would say nowhere close but along with DiCaprio (very good but not great), they make the overlong experience worth...something.

I'm just not sure yet what that something is.

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