Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½

Before Sunrise was the first act. The idyllic portrait of new, intense, passionate love. A film full of simple joy, hope, and optimism. Before Sunset was the second act. The optimistic, perfect love had faded with time and the troubles of real life set in. The plot thickened, there were obstacles, heated moments, but still, in the end, the optimistic love reignited and lived on. Before Midnight is the third act. The climax, and the resolution. A cathartic, exhausting look into the struggles of parenthood and adult life. The optimism, the passion, the idyllic love feels lost forever. This film explodes with negative emotions: regret, anger, depression. With time, passion fades. Real life takes its tole on relationships, it causes couples to resent and blame and wound and break down.

But at the end of the day, after all is said and done, maybe love that is real, love that is not just passion and naive optimism, love that is deep, and love that is lasting, will persevere. Maybe love is the greatest thing that can happen to us. Maybe some love can last forever. What the fuck IS LOVE My heart is really going through a lot right now I can't understand if this movie is happy or sad or if love is real or not and i hate and love everything and i just want a hug.

PS these hands down have absolutely been the straightest fuckin' movies I've ever seen oh my goodness how heterosexual of them honestly

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