Ritual ★★★★½


Ritual is an experience that not many people will be able to enjoy. It is a film that requires a lot of patience and calm to be loved, because of its masterful photography, the use of color and its journey throughout the film. The journey of the director, the journey of love to be able to describe a human mind and the relationships in front of the creative process, elaborated with a lot of love in each of its shots and narrative resources.

It is a heavy work that always manages to be magical for each moment, uses its elements and environments to adapt to the characteristic monotony and cycle of things in the same way that a train track works. Something very well thought out and even when it overexplains things you can get to know much more in its environment.

Of change, of overcoming your inner conflicts and broken relationships with others. How we can create opposite versions of the people who once hurt us and how there is always a second chance at it. A simply beautiful work.

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