Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★

The first act of the movie is slow. Consists of jokes that are not funny and only get more annoying as it beats them into the ground. Some characters are just two dimensional, only there to serve as some form of quick gag or dumb sub plot that goes no where. The second and final act really pick up the pace of the movie, finishing it off pretty strong with a surprising post credit sequence.

Tom Holland, who in this movie can just portray his character's emotions with just his eyes and expressions alone. Really pulls the role just as well here as he did in Homecoming. Jake Gyllenhaal starts off like he's extremely bored with the film, breaking the immersion as he explains these "grand epic scales" from his universe though he picks it up about half way through the flick and finishes off pretty strong. Really the only two characters that stood out too me as the rest of the cast was bland same character gimmicks they bring from the other movies mostly used as jokes/gags. Odd how you can have these entire movie series yet only one/two characters actually get any development.

Normally I hate movies that overuse CGI but due to plot reasons, this one seemed fitting almost. The plot is pretty predictable but it's fun to watch unfold when the Antagonist comes on screen. Using small nods to past films and characters that got shafted making kinda a comeback. It was nothing dumb in your face like how other movies did it and served the second half well. The movie has some beautiful locations it uses from the Czech Republic to Venice. Really capturing Spiderman being, well, Far from home. If ya can't afford to go to EU, this might be a good alternative *Shrugs*

Overall, it's a fun movie. If you love Marvel, you're going to most likely see it. If you don't but still enjoyed the first Spider-man, might be worth a rental. If ya don't like Marvel at all, don't bother. This won't change your mind.