Shazam! ★★★★

Final Opinion using Cinemayward's Rating System: 4 stars
-Personal Feeling: Great
-Aesthetically: Exciting, Affecting, and a Memorable Achievement
-Spiritually: Enlightening

WOW. I was expecting a good time, and what I got was a GREAT time. Zachary Levi needed a good movie to bring him back into the light, and this was that movie.

All the children actors were great to watch (I was thrilled to see the actor who plays young Eddie Kaspbrak in IT), and Mark Strong continues his reign of terror as That Supervillain Guy in every single movie. I couldn't have enough good things to say about this movie, and I will save most of my comments because I refuse to write a review with excessive spoilers.

Do yourself a favor; watch this movie. You won't be disappointed, and if you are, you don't like fun. I never read any Shazam! comics so I can't speak for the accuracy, but I do know that even if I had, I'm skilled in separating written and video media when it comes to adaptations, so I say still give it a try, even if you're a comic purist.

There are TWO end credit scenes, so let the movie play completely through. The first is important, and the second is just funny.

Side note, I am stoked for the Black Adam film with Dwayne Johnson, and I am looking forward to a Shazam-Black Adam clash in the future. They can't NOT make it given how well this film did.

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