Author: The JT LeRoy Story

Author: The JT LeRoy Story ★★★★


Second viewing, no change, though until the last five minutes I was ready to declare it my favorite film of the year (just as I was the first time). All that's needed is some tiny means of undermining Albert's authority. Instead, we get pop-psych rationalization (which could easily be a lie) followed by "where is she now?" text that seems to vindicate her, retroactively making the whole film feel a bit gross. Still, it's such an improbably wild ride, supported by such an insane wealth of "evidence," that I gaped my way through it all over again.

Side note: I believe this is the only film I've ever seen that includes footage from an event at which I was present (the Cannes premiere of Heart Is Deceitful). I remember Savannah-as-JT saying "Vive la résistance!" Feuerzeig cheats a little by making it look as if the film played the Palais, though, when it was actually in the Fortnight (which is a completely different location half a mile or so away).