Barbarella ★★


In a weird confluence of events, I happened to watch Meatballs not long ago, and was overpowered by inexplicable lust for one of the camp counselors—"inexplicable" because bubbleheaded blondes are pretty much the opposite of my type. Looked her up on IMDb and found out why: She played the title role in the X-rated Alice in Wonderland (1976), which was the only porn movie my parents had in the house when I was growing up. In a fit of nostalgia, I then found Alice on Pornhub or one of those sites and marveled anew (cf. Boogie Nights) at how much inept semi-creative energy went into porn in those days. Barbarella plays just like that, except the sex scenes have been snipped out and all that's left is the tackiness. That it's deliberate in this case doesn't make it significantly less wearisome at feature length. Fonda is admirably game, but only David Hemmings demonstrates any actual comic ability, and his role is regrettably brief. I'm just not a big camp guy, I guess.

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