Faults ★★★


A.V. Club review, though it's gonna be tricky to write about for reasons I can't specify. My biggest issue is that it's basically a lesser variation on one of my favorite and most formative films, which I can't name because massive spoiler (and I don't want to spoiler-bury the eventual link to my spoiler-free review). But I'll rot13 it for people who've seen Faults (really, don't decode this if you haven't) and have no idea what I'm talking about:

Vg'f rffragvnyyl ubhfr bs tnzrf jvgu n phyg vafgrnq bs pba zra. Fnzr qlanzvp bs gur rzbgvbanyyl-qnzntrq rkcreg orvat qhcrq ng yratgu ol na rkprcgvbanyyl pyrire fhowrpg jub fcrpvsvpnyyl gnetrgf ure/uvz orpnhfr bs ure/uvf obbx naq pryroevgl, gubhtu gur traqref ner fjvgpurq naq gur raqvat tbrf n fyvtugyl qvssrerag jnl.

(Please don't allude to the above in comments.)

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