Game Night

Game Night ★★★½


Overly twisty and ultimately way too earnest (it's as if The Game had ended with Conrad giving a lengthy speech instead of just handing Nicholas a novelty t-shirt and shooting him a quizzical look), but I laughed consistently throughout, and that's what matters most. McAdams, in particular, is on fire here, investing a fairly generic character with so much loopy comic energy that I came home and watched the airplane turbine bit (in one of the trailers, thankfully) literally like 20 times in a row. Would have done the same with the dive-bar sequence, had it been available; I never wanted Max and Annie's conviction that they're just playing a party game to end. Check back a year from now, when I'll almost surely be complaining that she's been egregiously overlooked in the Best Actress race. [A YEAR LATER: I did so complain.]

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