Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½


[originally written as part of my TIFF '19 coverage]

Actually saw this a month ago, as some of you know, but I don’t rate/review short films (caught a Wavelengths programme in this slot) so let me instead cut/paste what I tweeted earlier today: “With the Knives Out premiere underway, think I’m finally cleared to gush that it’s the best damn film I’ve seen all year. (Throw in last year, too.) Not just the crackerjack mystery I’d hoped for, but also deeply cathartic in ways I’d never have anticipated. Final shot is pure 🔪.” Saying much more would be doing you a disservice, so look for a more considered review after the film opens commercially in November. Oh, and standard disclaimer, Rian’s a friend (and patron!)…but a quick Twitter search will confirm that I’m by no means alone in my enthusiasm. Critical knives are sheathed.

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