Lean on Pete ★★★½


From TIFF '17, I tweeted: "Flirts with doing something extraordinary, can't quite commit. But terrific detail even at its most conventional." If memory serves, first sentence refers to Haigh's bait-and-switch, establishing a familiar boy-and-his-horse narrative and then pushing it somewhere considerably bleaker. And then I seem to recall being slightly disappointed by the ending—not so much because it offers a modicum of hope as because it justifies a fairly quixotic quest. (It's as if we'd known where the girl is heading at the end of Mustang—not nearly as powerful that way.) Been over six months, so haziness reigns. I stand by "terrific detail," though, especially in terms of the bone-dry pragmatism evinced by Buscemi and Sevigny's characters. (Trees Lounge reunion!)