Pendular ★★★


Consistently intriguing portrait of a weirdly passive-aggressive relationship between two newly cohabiting artists (she's a dancer, he's an avant-garde sculptor), though it's fatally imbalanced in the woman's favor—partly by design, it seems, but mostly because Raquel Karro is so much more forceful a screen presence than her costar. Director Julia Murat (whose Found Memories I didn't make it to the end of; this seems like a huge leap forward) evokes mystery from elements that are ultimately revealed to be rather mundane, a strategy that's at once pleasing and frustrating; certainly I wanted to know more about the "Line Project" of 2004, even as I theoretically admire its metaphorical function. Just a whole lotta visual metaphors here, really, from the shower-door circles to the finale's lonely yet liberating lesson in weight distribution. A surprisingly conventional film lurks underneath, though. (In ND/NF.)