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Las Vegas Weekly review. For people who thought Deathtrap was the height of sophistication.

This is nitpicking, given the general idiocy of the entire story, but for whom, apart from movie audiences in need of being misled, is Emily performing when she kills her husband? Why does she remain "in character" throughout? Just in case he survives? Why would she even allow for that possibility? Once he's collapsed onto the floor, why not finish him off for certain? It's not being videotaped. Nobody's gonna say "Well, it's credible that a sleepwalking person induced to kill by her meds would unconsciously stab her husband three times while he's standing, but I don't buy that she'd stab him several more times when he's prone on the ground." She's intentionally murdering him, and her defense involves temporary insanity caused by the pills (which, sure, let's concoct an evil-genius scheme predicated on something that, as the film itself admits, works in actual courtrooms less than 1% of the time it's attempted), so why doesn't she just fucking murder him rather than play-act the sleepwalking bit for the benefit of absolutely nobody?


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