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  • Dunkirk



    Film #16 of August 2017 Scavenger Hunt
    Task# 24. A Film where the main character/ the main characters have no real name/s

    Cilian Murphys Character is credited as Lieutenant.

    Ok, so i just saw Dunkirk in 70mm. It was really good.

    The nonlinear structure was interesting and actually put the emotional development before the factual which for a Nolan movie is really surprising. The characters arent much to write to write home about but none of them are a particular…

  • Family Plot

    Family Plot


    Film #15 of August 2017 Scavenger Hunt
    Task #11 A movie scored by John Williams, that not star wars or Steven Spielberg

    When i saw that John Williams had scored a Hitchcock movie that i hadnt seen i knew exactly what movie i wanted to do.

    And so here we are. Family Plot, the last Movie Alfred Hitchcock made. It wasnt bad. The story was excellently constructred, the performances were really cool, especially barbara harris, the female lead. The story,…

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  • Company



    Film #3 of August 2017 Scavenger Hunt
    Task # 20: A film featuring the music by Steven Sondheim

    Well, thats a musical alright. About Halfway into watching the 1996 warehouse production of company i realised one thing: I have no idea what makes a good musical production versus a bad one. Besides really obvious things like hitting notes.

    But im almost conviced that its really good. it felt more raw for lack of a better word, less broadway theatralics, more…

  • Fiend Without a Face

    Fiend Without a Face


    Film #14 of August 2017 Scavenger Hunt
    Task #29-30. A 50s SciFi Double Feature

    So, i just picked a random movie i could find on youtube. Turns out its a moderately loved cultclassic with a freaking criterion release.

    Still didnt really like it. I get why its seen as a classic by some. The story is inventive, the effects are really actually, the movie is really brutal for its time, i feel.

    But the characters and motivations and plotthreads were…