2046 ★★★★★

I have made a conscious decision to write poetry daily - starting from today.  I will post them on letterboxd regardless of their relevancy or irrelevancy to films.  I do not believe they are good. I do not think they capture the essence of any film - let alone the essence of some theme or feeling. However, I do like writing them. And I do like letterboxd, so I will write them here. I am writing this note so that any of my followers can preemptively unfollow me if that sounds like the kind of thing you would not like on your activity stream. 

Ok.. I'm done with the warning. 

Repetition against continuity.
In between bouts with a great ingenuity 
And suffice it to say 
I'm too much in the way
To see clearly to whom goes the victory 

A life more inclined towards the solitary.
Toy trains careen past the old monastery. 
Little green Soldier today
Lifted his gun from the gray
Destiny of a life dull with victory 

Totter down the long hall - tall as mountains
Mistaken this home for your best friend's
Past the corridor left 
The bedroom empty and cleft
Torn in half from the owner's last victory

Wintry season confides in the heavens
Don't forsake me, though I be unleavened 
Cold and shivering died
The spring never arrived 
To preside as the season of victory

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