The Sleepover ★★★

From the director of Pitch Perfect 3 comes a spy movie that follows every single strict preteen movie stereotype ever established. Although there are some heavily cringed moments and horrible music choices (wtf is “I want candy” playing during an exciting action scene??) the cast is what really saves this movie, Cree Chicchino proves she’s a real actress after her involvement in Game Shakers, Live Action Kim Possible, and the two boys are actually good choices to play their parts. I think everyone had to feel bad for her “husband” who waits for like the entire movie to get a proper explanation to what’s happening. The movie still suffers from a known disease where the viewer knows the whole movie after ten minutes of a preteen getting pissed off and deciding to sneak out, as well as suspicious villains. FYI I didn’t even watch the trailer that was a straight up guess.

3/5 Stars
“Thrilling and Cringey are two words that don’t fit in the same sentence, the cast is what impresses me”-Connor Rafuse