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  • Mad Monkey Kung Fu

    Mad Monkey Kung Fu


    Surprising absolutely no one, this Hsiao Ho starring, Lau Kar Leung kung fu comedy is a total delight. I'd put off watching this one for a while due to it's rather indulgent seeming length, but even at 2 hours it more than manages to hold the viewer's interest.

    The choreography is incredible, the comedy is funny, the sets and music are wonderful. When talking about the late 70's kung fu comedy boom, most people will cite Jackie Chan, but Lau…

  • The Jade Raksha

    The Jade Raksha


    While not as sophisticated as even some contemporary Shaw Brothers wuxia flicks, The Jade Raksha makes up for it with a fun storyline, interesting (if rather two dimensional) characters with clearly defined motivations and a surprising amount of blood splattering the fight scenes.

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  • A Touch of Zen

    A Touch of Zen


    People aren't kidding when they say this film is beautiful. I've never seen anything quite like it. You can look at Zhang Yimou's Hero or House of Flying Daggers and say they're beautiful but there's an artifice to those that just isn't here. The world is a beautiful place.

  • Golden Swallow

    Golden Swallow


    Chang Cheh's follow up to King Hu's Wuxia Ur-text Come Drink With Me works as a fun action movie, but makes for a poor sequel. Jimmy Wang Yu is our new lead, as Silver Roc, whilst Cheng Pei Pei returns as the titular Golden Swallow. Golden Swallow is no longer the clever and self possessed heroine we saw in the previous film; here she mostly stands around making gooey eyes at Silver Roc as he casually murders half of China.…