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  • Doctor Strange

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  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange

    "Doctor Strange: How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Plot and Love the Film"
    By Jacob Levy

    "It’s only fitting that Doctor Strange, a film where sorcery is featured prominently, is a master of misdirection. The mind-blowing visual effects shift attention away from the familiar origin story and underwritten characters."

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  • Moonlight


    "Review: Moonlight"
    By Anthony Reyes

    "There is information in the details, both major and minor, from camera movement, framing, soundtrack, score, performances, lighting, narrative structure, and so on. Not only does Moonlight make use of the techniques, but it makes you notice them. It makes you cherish them, and it uses them to awaken the part of you that yearns to feel a part of something. It makes you weep for the protagonist, smile when he feels safe, and scared…

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  • Soul


    "Soul: Life and Death with a Jazzy Twist"
    By Vance Cunningham

    “In 2020, when communities across the world were burning, fighting, and suffering, it was easy for many of us to forget just how beautiful life can be. Soul was my wake-up call to remember the little things that make life special: the clouds and blue sky on a sunny day, the golden leaves of trees in autumn, or the twisting fall of a maple seed.”

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  • Kwaidan


    "Kwaidan and the Ghosts We Live With"
    By Liam McDermott

    "In quarantine, many of us have experienced hauntings in one sense or another, because haunting is what happens when you are forced to come to terms with yourself and your circumstances—when you are trapped in a house full of memories, full of ghosts. It has been a time of sadness for some and discovery for others and of fear for most, but it seems it is nearly over. Things will…