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  • Die Hard

    Die Hard


    Perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Christmas

  • Valhalla Rising

    Valhalla Rising


    'Valhalla Rising' is a 2009 film directed by Nicolas Winding Refn that focuses on a silent warrior, known simply as One-Eye, who escapes from a Viking Clan who kept him in captivity as a fighting slave, and follows his journey as he joins a group of Crusaders embarking on a quest to recapture the Holy Land. What ensues is an hour and a half of a slow burning existential cinema, as Refn explores the nature of humanity and its compulsive…

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  • Memento



    'Memento' is unlike any thriller I have ever seen. Christopher Nolan has taken a unique concept and crafted an excellent film that leaves the viewer in a state of intrigue throughout the duration of its runtime. The film follows Leonard Shelby, a man who suffers from extreme short term memory loss, as he tries to hunt down the man who murdered his wife. Because of his condition he can't remember anything after a short period of time so he must…

  • The Pianist

    The Pianist


    The Pianist is a biographical war drama directed by Roman Polanski and it focuses on the horrors of how the Jews in Poland were brutally treated by the Nazis during their occupation of the country during the Second World War. Based on the true story of Wladyslaw Szpilman, a highly respected Jewish Pianist living in Warsaw, it follows Szpilman’s devastating ordeal as the world around him starts to become hostile and he is forced into the city’s ghetto, along with…