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  • Incredibles 2

    Incredibles 2


    Arguably Pixar’s most thematically complex film. It’s an auteur filmmaker interrogating the morality of powerful individuals by examining our relationship with the entire concept of superheroes; thorny stuff to be examining in a film, even for a studio famous for tackling complex existential themes. 

    I’ve never really bought the read of Bird as an Ayn Rand acolyte, because rather than endorsing exclusive unchecked individual rights and freedoms, Bird’s views on exceptional individuals seem to revolve their morality and how their…

  • The Northman

    The Northman


    “RaaaaaAAAAAAAAAH!!!!” — Amleth


    Gnarly as fuck.

    In a cinematic landscape dominated by weightless spectacles that feel less like artistic visions so much as corporate products, here comes an esoteric, brutal, Norse revenge epic soaked in blood, sweat, mud, and lava. Despite the acknowledged studio interference with the film’s final cut, The Northman is still 1,000% a Roger Eggers joint, as much of a bugnuts acid trip about loneliness and isolation as it is a raw, sprawling poem about fate and…

Recent reviews

  • Lenny



    Gorgeous black-and-white cinematography and kinetic editing elevates what otherwise felt like a fairly standard biopic which, despite a great performance by Hoffman, doesn’t give its titular character much depth or interiority. Valerie Perrine totally stole the show for me, and I kept thinking how strange it is that she was never a bigger star after this.

  • Swing Shift

    Swing Shift


    [Director’s cut, watched here]

    Since I’m really only interested in Jonathan Demme’s vision, I skipped the theatrical release and went straight to the original Demme cut. What I watched was an incredibly humane portrait of wartime America, a time when a whole generation of women got their first taste of [relative] freedom within a patriarchal society. I’ve heard the theatrical cut significantly reduces the screentime of Christine Lahti (who is more or less a co-lead with Goldie Hawn in the…

Popular reviews

  • Good on Paper

    Good on Paper

    Poorly acted, poorly structured, barely funny, and chock full of incredibly unlikable characters and questionable messages. Tonally it’s all over the place, never deciding if it wants to be a breezy rom-com, girlboss revenge flick, or a courtroom drama(?!). Margaret Cho and Beth Dover are the only ones keeping this from being completely insufferable, but they’re genuinely the only part of this that I even remotely enjoyed.

    The joke’s ultimately on me though for watching it all the way through.

  • Serendipity


    In a movie literally premised on wildly unlikely scenarios, the least probable thing is that either Jonathan or Sarah would still want to be in a relationship with each other after witnessing the lengths they’d both go to cheat on their respective fiancés.