Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

“There are no rules!


I seriously doubt I’ll see a more original movie this year. Everything, Everywhere, All At Once is creativity incarnate — equal parts thrilling, moving, unhinged, sincere, kinetic, hilarious, well-crafted, and straight-up weird. It’s maybe the *most* movie ever put to film, squeezing *so much* into its two and a half hours without ever feeling lost in its own ambition or losing sight of its emotional center. It’s also one of the few films that firmly justifies having multiple climaxes, perhaps unsurprising coming from a multiverse story about acceptance and kindness in all its forms! Daniels have crafted a beautifully perfect balance of chaos and harmony; high-brow and low-brow; art house and blockbuster. EEAAO is an ambitious reminder of what can be accomplished by film, and the rare feature that actually feels like it’s pushing what’s even possible within the medium. The hype is real; the hype is deserved!!

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