Possessor ★★★

Primary colors and freaky sci-fi/horror! It's the hip new pairing all the new kids on the block are doing!

Not sure where this style is really coming in hard from, but it's here and I think to stay.

Possessor has a lot it wants to say. Whether or not it actually succeeds in saying them all is another thing entirely. The movie constantly wants you to know it's dealing in heavy themes and emotions, and it wants you to feel like it's deep. Lots of repeated small moments, flashbacks, strobe-effect mental breakdowns; It has it all!

The emotional core of this movie relies on the audience to care about the lead woman, and throughout the movie it seems not enough time was given for that to actually happen. She has a child and an "up-in-the-air" relationship/ex-husband, so that should be enough for everyone to understand her emotional baggage. Nothing more is ever given, except small glimpses and it's overall very frustrating.

Visually I enjoyed the movie. It's not so much a cohesive visual experience, but a lot of scenes randomly flashing between different angles for seemingly no point, causing scenes to feel completely uneven. Obviously, the point of the camerawork is to help create the appearance of mental breakdown and visual muddiness, but that doesn't give it an excuse to make many many 180 degree cuts. It's disorienting in a bad way.

The color palette and use of micro-lenses is really quite good. Many shots are using a micro-lens and they look so damn good, was very impressed with that. Color as well is fantastic. If you are a fan of Panos Cosmatos, then this movie will be right up your alley. It doesn't have the same pacing as his work, but visually it is like a brother-sister relationship. Lots of visual references as well to the directors father. It's hard to not think about eXistenZ in particular with this one. Sharing multiple visual cues, themes, story-lines even, and of course Jennifer Jason Leigh.

For being the first movie I've seen from Brandon Cronenburg, and his second overall feature length film, I would say I am impressed. He has showings of a creator who is willing to experiment and get dirty, and that's always appreciated. Excited to see what else he has cooking for us.

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