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  • Blood Diner

    Blood Diner

    Most slashers would be content to just set itself at a diner and add cannibalistic overtones.  This one goes the extra mile and adds blood sacrifices to resurrect an ancient Egyptian god.

    Plus if you’re taking that ‘watch 52 movies directed by women’ challenge this one allows you to check one off!

  • Dracula


    Did you guys ever hear of this one? It's based on a play based on a book that inspired LOVE AT FIRST BITE (also previously adapted as NOSFERATU, A SYMPHONY OF HORROR, a pretty good one in my opinion) and stars a guy whose best known for playing Jesus on stage.

    Hungarian actor Bela Lugosi plays a creepy old guy one-percenter who lives in a Transylvanian castle who everyone in the neighboring town is afraid of. Not only is he…

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  • Security


    This is a pretty solid DIE HARD-in-a-mall movie (insert PAUL BLART joke here). While arguably there are no real standout action scenes (which does hold it back from being a must-see) it kept me engaged in it's going-ons. A lot of that is helped by Banderas giving it his all. No one told him to slum it and instead we get a legit badass performance. Between him being the best/only-good thing in THE EXPENDABLES 3 and this, I hope we…

  • Okja


    Like the director's last movie, SNOWPIERCE, this one may be shot in English and have mainstream Hollywood actors in it but it's a South Korean movie through-and-through. That means wide tonal shifts which includes a big-time heart-on-its-sleeve melodrama. Manages to find that near-impossible line of being really funny and horribly depressing at the same time.