Camp Pikachu

When you see the title CAMP PIKACHU, you may think this will be the slasher of the Pikachu movie series. Just Pikachu and friends chillin' at Camp and then [BAM!] a zombie Bidoof starts taking them out one by one. Well like PIKACHU'S VACATION, this is not that movie.

Through serendipity, Pikachu runs into the Pichu brothers again. Instead of everything trying to kill them, there is a ticking time clock to get them back onto a train. Pikachu can't just sit by and just let that happen. So he and friends fight the elements to get them on that train. It's a regular Pokemon vs nature story.

When they get to the train, it becomes a shot-for-shot remake of RUNAWAY TRAIN, but with Nyarth/Meowth in the Jon Voight role and Pikachu in the Eric Roberts role and the Pichu Brothers in the Rebecca De Mornay role.

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