Police Story

Police Story

Woovember 2 Woo Harder: Final day so let’s just watch some favorites 

I’ll admit there are things here that don’t fully hold up to modern me (in the same scene there is a domestic abuse joke and a rape joke where the punchline is victim-blaming for instance) and the episodic story structure doesn’t always work.  Then you throw in some good ‘ol fashioned odd Hong Kong tonal shifts (the movie shifts from dead-serious to silly to dead serious etc. several times), even for the time out-dated gender-roles and waisting the talents of two of Hong Kong’s best female actors and you do run the chance of maybe overhyping this to a newbie.  But if they have a particular affection for the action genre and the meta-aspect of loving stuntwork, most of the flaws and dated ness listed above don’t really matter because where it counts: almost no other action movie can live up to it.  This movie is a result of Chan (as both star and director) having enough experience and self-awareness to know his audience but also young enough and hungry enough to go all out.

Yeah and this one is kinda important to me because this is the movie that got me into Hong Kong action cinema.  I was raving about MORTAL KOMBAT the Monday after it came out and an associate let me borrow a VHS under the title JACKIE CHAN’S POLICE FORCE to show me what a real martial arts movie is (still like MORTAL KOMBAT though) and I was never the same since.

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