• Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

    Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

    The WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? sequel we deserve...

  • Fritz the Cat

    Fritz the Cat


    Crumb hates this movie for the same reasons King hates THE SHINING.

    Both artists made bullshit self insert stories fir themselves.  LikeKubrick, Bakshi saw through the bullshit.  For King it was about how actually he was a swell guy, it was the drugs and alcohol making him bad!  For Crumb it was about how him and his stoner hippy friends were calling bullshit on a bullshit world and making it better.  Bakshi instead made a movie pointing at these lazy loser hipsters and going ‘lol look at these a—holes!’

  • Heavy Metal

    Heavy Metal


    Once upon a time, there was a movie talked about in song and legend (by your older brother or older cousin who was an 80s kid and saw STAR WARS when it was new)… they said it was awesome and you could only see it at comic conventions* cause it was too awesome and THE MAN wanted to keep you from it (actually it was music rights issues)!

    Then it was finally re-released and remastered in THX** and advertised it…

  • Looking for Magical Doremi

    Looking for Magical Doremi

    LOOKING FOR MAGICAL DOREIMI is a legacy nostalgia bait anniversary movie about how when you grow up your life sucks and all you have left is memories of your childhood to keep you from killing yourself or something

    Imagine if they made an anniversary Transformers or My Little Pony movie about adults who were fans when they were kids and now their lives are miserable but they made new friends based on watching the cartoon when young and then decide to move to the sticks and open up a(n unlicensed?) cafe based on it.

    “You gotta grow up!”
    “…but please don’t stop buying our shit…”

  • Detention



    !!FULL DISCLOSER!! I have an e-acquaintance with the movie’s co-screenwriter, Mark Palermo ( letterboxd.com/mark_palermo/ ). Wouldn’t say we’re friends but I sometimes email him and he emails back and when I was on my Internet sabbatical he even asked how I was doing. We don’t talk all the time and if we do talk it’s because I reach out to him. Also, I loved this movie before I e-met him !!END FULL DISCLOSER!!

    Ten years later today, still holds…

  • Young Mr. Lincoln

    Young Mr. Lincoln


    Imagine you get to make a movie about the greatest wrestler ever... and you have no wrestling in it and don't even bother to mention it... smdh

  • Truck Turner

    Truck Turner


    "Shit if I had known that was Truck Turner, you'd have to pay me more than $50!"

    Still arguably the best blacksploitation film, or at least one made by a big mainstream studio trying to cash in on the trend. No clue how this didn't lead to Hayes being a big action star.


    Bonus fun from the IMDB Trivia page:

    "Hayes lived for 12,229 days after the feb. 17, 1975 premire of this film. He died 1747 weeks later on august 20, 208"


  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    If this movie didn’t have such a ‘For the love God please love me!!’ Complex I’d probably be as high on it as everyone else is.

    Goes without saying that it’s way too long.

  • Trinity Goes East

    Trinity Goes East


    Part of the climax involves a pig operating a console that activates a variety of deadly weapons to fend off some fiendish ninjas.

    This is a good movie.

  • Go West

    Go West


    The term masterpiece is thrown around a lot...


  • Tom Thumb

    Tom Thumb


    Imagine being so joyless, one cannot get even a little from this movie...

  • Pharos of Chaos

    Pharos of Chaos


    You'll probably either think it's:
    a ) a brilliant example of Cinéma vérité cause of how REAL and even Herzogian it is
    b) a disgusting example of documentarians taking advantage of their subject, who is clearly off his damned rocker