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  • The Granny

    The Granny


    This could easily get 2 stars because it's so over the top cheesy and probably the most dumb, ridiculous horror movie I've seen since I did a marathon of the Puppet Master series. But it's also probably for those exact reasons I rated it so high! I'd probably even put this above the best movie in the Puppet Master series, Toulon's Revenge. This movie is insane and hilariously sleazy. Featuring the elderly woman version of the wisecracking Freddy Krueger from…

  • Batman & Bill

    Batman & Bill


    I almost gave this 3 and a half stars but the last 5 minutes literally made me cry so I figure it deserved the extra half a star.

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  • Batman



    I forgot how silly this movie is! I also forgot about the "nobility of the almost-human porpoise". Also, "dehydrated pirates" is one of the dumbest things ever conceived.
    R.I.P. Adam West

  • Scooby-Doo



    Is this movie terrible? Yes. Do I love every second of it? Absolutely!