About Time ★★★★½

I keep watching this film trying to find out exactly why I love it some much and I think I've finally figured it out. Sort of.

To start this film has so much character and style but just enough that it's not Wes Andersen over the top stylish; which is something I really am fascinated with. Outside looking in this film appears to just be a simple romcom with soft sci-fi mixed in but it's so much more then that.

The message of love that's told in the film doesn't stop with our main characters love for each other but it instead dives deep into the love and bond between a father and son (which is my favorite part).

The performances are for lack of a better term perfect for just about every character. You truly do believe the connection of all the cast.

Another thing this film does particularly well is controlling the Sci-fi element making the story different and fun but also in a way so beautifully realistic. Who would've thought time travel and realistic belong in the same sentence. But somehow they do.

At the end of the day I think this film just an incredible cinematic story about love and how we as humans can add a little more appreciation and kindness to one another. A very simple message with a significant take away done masterfully. More people need this story.