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  • The Black Stallion

    The Black Stallion


    Saturday morning movie with the kiddos. The was a cable staple in the early 80s and often feels like a forgotten film. The first half of the film is brilliant with echoes of Roeg's WALKABOUT, the second half is more traditional adventure but in the most rousing tradition.

  • The Ghost and the Darkness

    The Ghost and the Darkness


    Slow and majestic, this HATARI like adventure of man vs. lion needed a lot more action and a lot more lion. It isn't bad, just not the film it could have been.

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  • Logan



    There's a moment when a character slowly grabs another character's hand. It's bashed and bloodied, but the touch (it doesn't matter if it's mutant or human) brings a brief moment of calm. That's what LOGAN is about in a nutshell, finding moments of calm and peace, accepting people for who they are and trusting in them for those same reasons. James Mangold has made a lot of great movies, but this is his masterpiece.

  • Money Movers

    Money Movers


    Sometimes, you accidentally stumble on to something cool. And sometimes, just sometimes, that something is directed by the same guy who brought us DRIVING MISS DAISY. Yes, I am serious. MONEY MOVERS is 90 minutes of mean with plenty of twists and buckets of bullets. I am a sucker for a heist film despite the fact that you get a lot of crap in that genre. A lot of two-bit thugs and zero story. MONEY MOVERS, however, is exceptionally well…