Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

I love a good character study. I love a movie that can slow things down but still hold onto that engaging quality simply by giving the audience a character driven plot and a character worth caring about.
First things first, this is the Riz Ahmed show. He was sublime in this movie. Olivia Cook was also fantastic but Riz Ahmed stole the show. He beautifully portrayed this drummer who slowly begins to lose his hearing.
The trailer to this movie could lead you to believe that this would be a Whiplash-esque film, and that couldn't be more incorrect. Where Whiplash is a movie about an obsessed drummer who will do anything to be the best, Sound of Metal is a very personal story about a defeated drummer struggling to get his life (and hearing) in order.
This movie was incredibly emotional. It's never easy watching characters go through stuff like this and watch how it affects their lives, relationships, and careers. There were sad moments of defeat and tension and moments where our main character couldn't come to terms with what was happening to him, which led to some heartbreaking scenes.
This movie is definitely worth checking out. Another great entry to an interesting 2020.