Tenet ★★½

I just got back from watching Tenet and I have very mixed thoughts about it. 

The Good:
- The action/set pieces are absolutely amazing. A chase on a highway had my mind blown due to its creativity.    

- The pacing of this movie is great. Nothing dragged on for too long, nor did anything feel too quick. 

- The performances were all good. Robert Pattinson was the highlight for me. 

- The whole gimmick/idea of Tenet is the sole reason you see it, and that gimmick/idea does not disappoint. 

The Bad:
- While all the actors did a great job, I had zero investment in their characters. You don’t know much about them (especially the main lead) so you don’t really care about them, the relationship they have with each other, or even what happens to them in the film. 

- I saw Tenet in an empty theatre that consisted of myself and one friend and we were both very confused throughout the majority of it. I understand that this is a “multiple watches to fully understand” movie, but you should still be able to have a grasp of what’s happening and why it’s happening during the first viewing. This movie does not have that. The sound mixing did not help at all. 

- The sound mixing is so bad that it deserves its own section. There are countless times in this movie that I had no clue what people were saying. The music is so loud that it overshadows the actual dialogue making it difficult to follow the film. 

The ideas presented in Tenet and the execution of them alone make Tenet an average movie, but the confusing plot and weak characters make this a disappointing Nolan film.

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