Midnight in Paris ★★★★★

It’s insane, I’ve never related more with a character on screen than I have before I started this film. I mean a script writer from Hollywood who’s idea of a perfect reality lies within one that isn’t his own? I couldn't believe it. The opening sequence of just the Paris scenery with horns blaring the soothing yet reminiscent tone automatically sets up the mood for what would be one of the greater experiences I’ve had watching a movie. But just like the music is, the film sets itself up to reflect upon what it starts us out with, a chaotic but such deep romantic underlying tone that eventually floods out of the speakers and colors and you feel like you could experience something like that, something as crazy as time travel. I have definitely walked away from this movie with a reflection of what I already know within my own life, and also a whole brand new lesson on what CAN be and what potential awaits for me in my future. A hopeless romantic will do simply what a hopelessly romantic defines, and dream. Dream about the perfect scenarios of meeting that person and I’d have to say I couldn’t be more eager now, to have more of a grasp of what to expect and have no idea what to expect at the same time. “I’m jealous and trusting! It’s Cognitive dissonance! Scott Fitzgerald talked about it!”