Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

i genuinely did not fully appreciate this movie for what it was on my first watch. every single aspect of lady bird is faultless, especially the acting and dialogue. the way that each character has their own evolved story as if this film was shot in between a real persons life - that being of christine’s. the character development is also stunningly executed (i’ve been using that word a lot recently) that similarly to the realistic qualities, each character seems like an ordinary person that you might encounter at the supermarket, at the bus stop or whilst taking your dog a walk. the simplistic characteristics of relationships in the movie are another thing that are dealt with such detail and thought, that there was very little time that i knew i was watching a movie. 

the dialogue is hands down amazing. the way that greta writes is so good and she has a way of explaining characters habits and pet peeves without deliberately showing them. the overlapping speech and the way that conversations intertwine with one another makes this script one of my favourites. it’s just so real and ~relatable~ especially since i have siblings and often conversations work the same way.

lady bird is exactly the film that you want to watch whether it’s raining outside, you’re in bed or saoirse ronan is on your mind - the third one is for me - because the homely feel is evident as soon as the title sequence starts. after my second watch, i already see this movie being an ultimate comfort movie alongside booksmart (2019) and midsommar (2019).

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