Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★

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"It's time to show that man is king"

Even though we're only in March, I can tell that Kong: Skull Island will go down as one of the best action movies of the year! It's a fun, intense and cool movie! 

The VFX are amazing! Kong looks great and the backgrounds look fantastic. A few creatures didn't look very convincing but they didn't play a huge part in the film.

The action scenes were exhilarating to say the least. Every fight scene is a spectical! The graveyard scene is intense and so much fun; probably the best scene in the entire film!

The cinematography is great; the shot of Kong's silhouette against the beautiful blood orange sun is phenomenal! The jungle setting looks awesome too! 

John Goodman, Samuel L Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Toby Kebbell and the very adorable Jing Tian (or Tian Jing, I've seen it spelt both ways but she's credited as Jing Tian here) all give good performances but they don't have much to work with. The characters are paper thin and boring. I didn't really care for any of them. The only character I did care about was John C. Reilly's. He also gave a great performance! Sure he did feel out of place in some scenes but overall he has an enjoyable presence. 

Remember when people saw the 2014 Godzilla film and they complained about the lack of Godzilla...well, it'll happen with this movie too. Kong isn't really the main focus, it's the humans! I think an extra 5-10 minutes of Kong would've helped with the slightly annoying pacing.

Overall, I had an absolute blast with Kong: Skull Island! It's a really entertaining blockbuster! Would be amazing in 3D! 

P.S. The after-credit scene gave me a nerdgasm! Holy. Fuck! And the nod to Jurassic Park was cool too.

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