The Lorax

The Lorax ★★★

A film regarded in such shame its often considered one of the worst animated films. While I can understand many of those statements I tend to just find this film just fine. It holds a strong message, the animation is really good, I actually find the music really catchy and It can also be funny at times especially with Danny Devito playing the voice of the Lorax. However I do have major issues within the narrative of the film. Firstly the main characters family are complete weirdos and play no real development within the story, I also don’t understand the concept of why they had to cut down the trees in order the get the leaves, simply create a device that chops the leaves and not the trees. They also got Taylor Swift and Zac Efron to play voice over roles in the film, considering they are known to be singers and the film decided to be a musical why not get them to perform a song about trees or something? Or was that not in the contract agreements? I can understand why this film is hated and I don’t think it’s great, but I find enough entertainment value from it to consider it a bad movie.

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