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  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    One of the best of the year!
    Watch a couple's marriage dissolve from both points of view. Seamless in its editing to peel back the character's blame for the breakup of the marriage, from assigning blame to one side of the marriage and shifting to the other without skipping a beat. Astonishing!
    The editing style should be taught in film school on how to help build the narrative.

  • Parasite



    One of the best films I have ever seen!
    I love a film where you make one bad decision and it escalates out of control.
    This film reminded me that the Cohen Brothers could have directed it. The suspense is unbearable, the humor hilarious, the situation is increasingly dire and how it all gets resolved is astonishing.
    This is a classic!

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  • Lifeguard



    Always re-watchable every long, cold Canadian winter. Sam Elliot is amazing as the man people say won't grow up but really though, he wants to do his own thing. Fuck marriage, kids, fidelity, career, bills, loans and you name every soul destroying thing that keeps us from what it really means to be living.

  • Judy



    Renee Zellweger turns in an astonishing performance as the beat up, punch drunk Judy Garland.
    What I love best about this movie was Renee's incredible singing voice. She does not sound like Judy Garland but her ability to live the role and that fierce dedication to conveying the world weariness of a performer through song was heartbreaking.
    The problem with the movie is it didn't connect to me. The script just wasn't there to match Zellweger, she rose above the…