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  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    A Quiet Place has the difficulty of selling these characters and their experiences without words, and by golly does it succeed. You know, I didn’t watch this with subtitles. When I saw it, I didn’t know there were subtitles for the sign language. After watching the film, I looked the film up to make sure I had a good understanding of these characters and what they were trying to say. I absolutely did. I didn’t miss a beat, thanks to…

  • Animal



    Animal is about a group of teenagers? College Aged? Young Adults? - we'll go with young adults-that go on a hike, run across a monster, and get chased into a cabin.

    The characters aren’t the worst of the worst. They’re pretty middling, all said and done, but mostly likeable. There’s only one “asshole” character in the film, and he’s kind of right half the time if you ask me. The acting is ok for the most part, but there are…

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  • Scream 4

    Scream 4


    Scream 4! Because you demanded it! Oh? You didn’t demand it? Well, that’s too bad, because you got it anyway!

    So a little bit about where I’m coming from with this film. Scream 2 is my favorite Scream film. It is also the most well remembered. I thought Scream 3 was really convoluted, kind of uninspired, and felt like an obligatory cash in. Honestly, I haven’t seen the original Scream trilogy in quite a while, which means that I might…

  • Grand Piano

    Grand Piano


    Elijah Wood, mah boi! Elijah Wood is one of my favorite actors because of the sheer variety of projects he takes on. Big budget movies, indie movies, television shows, if he’s involved it’s almost sure to be interesting. This movie certainly was.

    This movie has the type of plot you might find in one of the more subtle Twilight Zone/Night Gallery episodes. I don’t think I have anything bad to say about it. If you hate classical music, then maybe…